Hi I am Louise and welcome to my blog In Due Horse.

I am in my mid 30’s (gulp) and have a 5 year old mare called Gracie. We are based in Toulouse, France.

I started this blog when I got back into riding after I moved to France in 2017. It follows my horsey adventures and also covers a lot of horsey lifestyle stuff too including reviews, my top tips and interviews. I love to talk about horsey current affairs and hot topics but the most popular thing on my blog by far are my celebrity lists! Be sure to check them out!

A bit about me. I have been riding since I was 4 years old. I have been obsessed with horses ever since. Like little girl level obsession! Due to lots of different things including my horse sadly passing away, moving house, training to be a Nurse and the moving countries I ended up taking lots of breaks from horses during my twenties. But I have since made up for that and have bought Gracie a totally unsuitable but gorgeous PRE x Mérens mare that I am hoping to event.

The blog has naturally followed my journey with the different horses I’ve had along the way and mainly now focuses on my journey with Gracie & training a young horse.

Thanks for visiting and be sure to follow me on social media. You’ll find @induehorse on instagram and facebook and Louise Dando In Due Horse on Youtube.