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Guest Blog: 5 Top Tips for Combatting Lack of Confidence and Nerves

Hi, I’m Sophie, the founder and owner of Evergreen Coaching. I am an equestrian mindset coach working with riders and business owners in the equine and rural sector.  I work with lots of different equestrians and I think that mindset is often something which is not given enough attention in the industry or people know …

Guest Blogs

Guest Blog: The Story of Peanut the Rescue Shetland

The words “Rescue Pony” conjures up many images – as indeed does any type of rescue animal. It seems the words instill an image of neglect, abuse, starvation, loneliness, unwantedness, fear and overall an emotion of sympathy. And then you often hear the comments about the misconception SO many people have about rescued animals – difficult, …

Guest Blogs

Guest Blog: What You Can Do To Help Diversify the Equestrian World.

Let me start by introducing myself I am Steph and I am an Afro- Peruvian woman and a descendant of a slave. Peru started the import of slaves from West and South West Africa in 1521. Slaves were mainly used for manual labor in sugar cane, cotton fields and rice plantations as well as building …