What do you do with your horse at Christmas? It’s such magical time of year it’s so fun to get the horses involved. I asked some of my horsey friends what they did and here’s what they said.

Heather Wallace one of my lovely co-hosts on The Equestrian Pulse Podcast and blogger at The Timid Rider says “My barn has an Ugly Sweater tradition for lessons and rides during that week. I like to go on Christmas Eve or Day for a bit before our big family get togethers to unwind, and spend time with my favorite guy. It helps quiet all the holiday chaos and fun. It also helps me remember all the things I’m so grateful to have in my life”.

Heather and her pony Ferrous

Daisy who writes the well known equestrian blog ‘How Very Horsey‘ says “I’m not one for dress up but it’s nice to get all the thermals on and explore though.”

Daisy’s horse Jack out exploring in the snow.

Natalie from Inside Track Eventing says that “I usually take all of Christmas off from work so I can properly unwind and start the new year feeling fresh! My hometown is a few hours’ drive from where I now live, so I usually go home to spend time with my family for a few days over Christmas, and aim to return to Dublin on either the 27th or 28th of December. Christmas is a great opportunity for me to spend some quality time with the horses too – as I have a good run of days with nowhere to be, and can do it all guilt free! Usually our yard will organise some kind of a festive group hack before Christmas, where we get ourselves and the horses all dressed up in our best Christmas decorations (from Christmas jumpers to tinsel-clad ponies!) and go for a leisurely hack and a chat!I then usually try to aim to get out somewhere between Christmas and the return to work in the New Year – whether it’s a clinic or a Christmas show. Last year Flash and I did a cross country clinic with Sarah Ennis which we absolutely loved and so we booked onto it again this year – and I’m hoping I might be able to get Paddy out jumping somewhere. I really look forward to Christmas every year because it’s the one time of year I can slow down, relax, and enjoy every moment of my time with the horses with no interruptions or guilt. Bliss!”

Natalie with her horses Paddy & Flash. Photo by Louise O’Brien Photography.

Abriana from Black Unicorn Creative & The Young Black Equestrians Podcast tells me that “holidays are a special time for family and fellowship, but this year it will look a little different. Normally around this time of year, I have begun coordinating groups of equestrians to ride in parades around North Carolina. Although I can’t attend all of them, I usually ride in a couple of parades per year and spread joy on horseback with other local equestrians. Since Encore the mini horse has come into my life, we enjoy visiting senior citizens and children during the holidays and dressing up as reindeer or Santa’s helpers. Encore also takes his inaugural photo with Santa at our local Petsmart. This year, since minimal contact is the name of the game, we hope to spread holiday joy virtually in hopes that next year we can resume our favorite holiday traditions. Happy Holidays”!

Abriana & her mini Encore.

Leah from The Mama Equestrian says “I always try to do at least a Christmas hack with Fred. However, this year we completed a Christmas showjumping clinic. We haven’t done lots of jumping but have started to have some lessons and this event we jumped our highest. Fred always gets a treat at Christmas and this year he has definitely earnt his as he’s done lots of new things”.

Leah and Fred

Caitlin Gooch from Saddle Up and Read & The Young Black Equestrians podcast shared that “Christmas time is here and who doesn’t love seeing a miniature horse? This is my first Christmas with Man Man (yes, a mini horse named Man Man). This year we have assisted in giving away books to children for Christmas. As well as a holiday photography fundraiser. Watching kids light up when they see Man Man has brought so much Christmas joy! I look forward to doing this again next year”.

Caitlin reading with Man Man

Hello, my name is Tilly and this is my partner in crime Terry, you may know us from Houligan’s Legacy! At Christmas I love to dress up the horses (Romeo gets involved too sometimes!) and make silly Christmas memories like riding round the village to Christmas songs or creating videos of party games and dancing with the broom while mucking out!Christmas is all about having fun and we especially need that this year. Grab a Santa hat, some bells or tinsel and ride round your local areas spreading some Christmas pony cheer!

Tilly & Terry

So this year I really hope you all get to see your families for Christmas but if not I really hope you can still have fun with your horses. Merry Christmas from all of us & here’s to a happy healthy 2021 xxx

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