Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Now if you haven’t seen Tiger King you need to! If you haven’t here is a little explanation. It’s an Netflix documentary that has been fascinating the world by following the very dramatic and bizarre lives of some very weird tiger owners in the U.S. I cannot emphasis how weird these people are and how much I loved the show!

I think I make a weirdly good Carole Baskin

However since I have finished watching the show I have noticed some similarities in the tiger keepers that can be compared to equestrians. Now bear with me, you just have to forget the guns, meth use and polygamy (unless your barn is way more wild than mine).

Like the tiger keepers equestrians may have a reputation of being a little weird and obsessed with their animals too. Horse girls are definitely known for being a bit weird and totally obsessed with their horses. It seems both tiger keepers and equestrians don’t care about that!

Eventer Ben Hobday. Photo from his Facebook page

Saf is a little bit of us all. At first I thought he was mental. Saf is a tiger keeper that works for Joe Exotic and his arm was bitten off by a tiger. Saf then had his arm operated on and amputated then returned to work just 4 days later!! He said that he didn’t want to make a fuss and that the animals needed him. Has anyone had a bad fall and have muttered those words about looking after their horses?!! I know that the lady I bought my horse from had just recovered from facial reconstruction after her horse trampled on her face. Or the time I had to wait to do my cross country round as the staff were looking for the tooth of the girl that had just fallen off. CRAZY!

Horses and Tigers are really expensive! There are not many other people that keep animals that are worth thousands and thousands of pounds/dollars/euros! Both tigers and horses are pretty expensive to keep too. I’m glad I don’t have to feed my horse other animals though I must admit.

Now, lets finish with Carole Baskin, the one that thinks she knows best and is a bit of a pain. There are so many Carole’s in the equestrian world…I’m just not sure the Caroles we know have been accused of killing their husbands!

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