Autumn is a great season for being a horse owner, the summer is over but there is a magical couple of months before the winter creeps in. It’s nearing the middle of September already, but there are definitely autumnal vibes already. Here are my reasons why autumn is the best time for horses!

Autumnal hacking

Autumn provides perfect hacking conditions! Everything looks pretty, the leaves are falling but the sun is out. It really is beautiful. No zoomie horses like you get in Spring, just some late summer loveliness.

Stubble Fields

Speaking of hacking, stubble fields are just the best places for a gallop. They aren’t there for long though its just this magical time!

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Cooler Weather

Many of us now experience super hot weather in the summer. Dare I say it even the UK experience pretty hot weather in the summer now. So autumn is such a relief from the heat for many. Less sweatiness all round, well until the fluffy coats appear!

Less Dust

Anyone else love it when you can ride in the arena again without a dust storm?! I really do avoid the arena in July and August, it’s just too hot and dusty in the arena even though our yard owners water the arena regularly it is still the dustiest place on earth!

Less Flies

As the heat is gone, seemingly the flies go too. Hooray! I know it is such a relief when the flies die down here in France. I am covered in gallons of fly spray all summer, it’s nice not to smell of citronella anymore! Basically all the annoying stuff about summer disappears! Woo hoo!

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Although you get covered in hair, I find grooming so satisfying in Autumn. I think I just like the feeling of the seasons changing!


When you can no longer bare the malting and the fluff appearing, it’s clipping time. I just love seeing everyone’s new clips. The horses just look so smart!

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If you are into it autumn sees the hunting season start. Cubbing meets are the ideal way to prepare for the bigger hunts later in the year.

Les 5 Étoiles De Pau

Autumn for me in France means Pau! The only 5* level event in France. It’s one of my favourite weekends at the end of October and sees a lot of top riders compete in pretty much the last big event in the Eventing calendar. I am really hoping Covid doesn’t cancel that too.

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Routine Change

I always kind of love bringing in my horse for the winter. It’s still nice weather and not too cold. I love prepping the stable and rugs for the winter ahead. But then winter comes and it rains a lot and I’m so over it!

Get those jumpers out!

It’s always so cosy to get your favourite jumpers out, thicker jods back on and your wellies out of hiding! It’s also a very good excuse to buy some rugs or a coat for yourself so you stay warm!

What’s your favourite thing about autumn? Let me know in the comments!

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