Today’s Inspo Interviewee is Verena or you may know her from instagram as ‘Girl About The Yard’. I ‘met’ Verena when she was a guest on The Equestrian Pulse Podcast (Stay tuned for that episode as it has not aired yet) and she was as fun in real life as she is in her very entertaining instagram stories. I hope that you enjoy reading her responses as much as I did!

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What inspired you to do what you do? It all happened quite simply by accident! No word of a lie, one day I started doing IG stories and someone with a big following gave me a shoutout on their stories after watching me dance to Mathilda’s soundtrack and it took off from there! I have a passion for people to not be undermined in the equestrian world, it is hard enough trying to keep a horse/wild animal alive without people telling you what you should and shouldn’t be doing all the time!!  

Who do you look to for inspiration and why? There isn’t someone or something that inspires me exterior to me, it is mainly that I hope when I am sitting in a chair reading endless thrillers or watching my or other people’s grandchildren play around, that I can think – yes… I allowed myself to be myself during my life and kept generally positive vibes throughout! Oscar

What would you say has been your biggest horsey achievement to date? Oh gosh, that completely depends on the day – most days it is keeping Oscar’s (the bay in the photos) shoes on or mucking out with a straight edge to my bed. I am proud of achieving my British Horse Society qualifications, they are notoriously difficult for a reason. I am proud of myself for going ahead and making something out of the horse I had before Oscar who everyone said was a bit of a dud and he kept trying to get me off at every opportunity (the grey horse in the photos!)  I am proud of myself for getting my HGV test and for confidently driving the trailer! It really does depend on the day! I am proud of competing last season.IMG_9463

What would be the best piece of advice you could give someone who is feeling a bit uninspired at the moment? Relax, take the pressure off yourself. Your horse loves you whatever you decide to do with them, give them a massage in the form of grooming, or plan something for the future for you both to do, or clean your tack, whatever helps you gets back to the inspired stage. My advice for mindset would be let yourself off. It won’t matter in 3 months time that you had a break, so have a break.  Enjoy not having hat hair for a bit, allow your boots to grow some mould and when the pressure is off and you’ve completely rested – you’ll be ready to jump back into the saddle! Once you have got back in the saddle – HAVE FUN!! 

What are you plans for this year and what do you hope to achieve? I hope to compete, dressage, show jumping and/or eventing more regularly, to have some good outings – go the beach, a fun ride, or the likes with Oscar and to maybe get another British Horse Society exam under my belt! 

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