Happy New Year everyone! I am so excited about 2020. I have been looking back at my goals for 2019 and am pleased to say I have smashed a few and am on my way to smashing the other ones that I haven’t quite achieved yet. So this has spurred me on to make some goals for this year too. But you will have to wait to hear them as I will grace you all with a whole blog of itself talking about that.

But in the meantime I was curious about what my fellow equestrians were planning for next year too. So I have put together one big blog of goals that features some of my blogging buddies and some new horsey friends.

First up is Daisy from How Very Horsey. I have really enjoyed following Daisy this year and am so pleased she shared her plans in this blog!

Daisy: My resolution for 2020 is to put the work in and be 100% consistent in my work. Jack and I had an amazing year last year and I would love to qualify for Hickstead/HOYS again this year but my goal is to perform better and hopefully then the results will follow. I would also like to launch my new coaching programme and finish at least one of the three books I am writing! Lots to do. Bring on 2020.

Follow what Daisy and Jack get up to at www.howveryhorsey.co.uk

Next up is Oonagh O’Brien.

Oonagh shares her story about Peanut. We finished 2019 on a huge high with my little rescue pony Peanut being crowned National Reserve Shetland Pony of Ireland 2019 and National Reserve Newcomer of Ireland 2019 -as well as doing absolutely brilliant in her shows throughout the year, so whilst I am not sure we can beat that in 2010 – we look forward to seeing how this little rescue progresses in her showing career. Peanut came to me just under 2 years ago, never having set foot in a showing ring – in fact being rather naughty and unhandled, but she took to the showing so well and thoroughly seems to enjoy it. Her main purpose in life is to be a companion to Cody, but we will continue to show her as she has a loyal following of fans and she uses her platform as a little social media star, on her page The Antics of Peanut the Rescue Pony, to raise awareness for other rescues and the centre she came from, Cobh Rescue Horses. We are so proud of this little lady who has overcome so much in a short period of time to be come the little superstar that she is and we hope that she continues to shine for the new year.

Follow Oonagh and Peanut at The Antics of Peanut The Rescue Pony 

Next up is the lovely Jane Brindley from Horse Riding with Confidence Scotland.

Jane: I’m feeling excited as I look forward to 2020 but also can’t believe how quickly time passes. Already twenty years since the millennium and it is the year I will celebrate my 60th birthday!

I have two retired horses and therefore have nothing of my own to ride. They will spend the rest of their lives with me and I love them both dearly. For a while I thought I had stopped riding but I missed it too much so now ride regularly at a nearby equestrian centre and take other opportunities as they arise. With 2020 being a big year for me I decided to set myself a riding challenge and have booked a holiday riding coast to coast across the North of Scotland. The challenge is being fit enough to ride long distances, over quite rough terrain, every day for seven days. So my plan is to work on my general physical fitness as well as riding fitness so that I can make the very most of the opportunity and thoroughly enjoy the experience. I’m super excited about it and can’t wait for May to arrive.

Follow Jane at www.horseridingwithconfidencescotland.co.uk

Here is what Shannon from Tales From The Country has planned…

Shannon: My goal for 2020 is simply to get back to enjoying riding again. I plan to stop stressing about the goals or the fact that I’m not schooling enough, or jumping high enough, or anything else. Instead I want to simply go back to enjoying riding each and everyday, even if it’s just for a short hack around the estate because the love of it is why I got into it in the first place.

Follow Shannon at www.talesfromthecountry.com (how beautiful is Shannon’s website?!)Cara Drouin, who is based in the US shares her plans for next year with her driving ponies.

Cara: My ponies are rare breed Gotland Ponies. Pepper is 14, 12.1 hands, black dun, Registered as Kokovoko Pepper Lee. I’ve had her since she was 8. Nell is buckskin, half sister to Pepper, 12 hands, registered as Kokovoko Penelope. I’ve had her since November 2018. The third pony is Faye, 24 years, 11.3 hands, black dun. She was free and I brought her out from Kentucky to California with Nell, hoping that Nell would travel better over the 2400 miles if she were not alone. Registered as Kokovoko Firecracker, she is a retired broodmare. They are my 3rd, 4th, and 5th Gotlands.Pepper and Nell are driving ponies. I bought Nell as a pairmate to Pepper after another pony mare passed in May. Both drive pairs and single. I’ve ridden Pepper a couple of times. She doesn’t like it. She’s not fun to ride. We don’t have to do that, so we don’t.This spring, I found that the new pony, Nell, had a lot of tension about her bridle. A lot. We spent most of the summer working on just that. The bridle is nice, she got massages with her bridle and then finally she looked at her bridle and was happy and relaxed and opened her mouth by herself. So I drove her single and it was scary, she was confused without a road to follow or a pairmate to direct her. Back to long lines until she was less concerned and now she’s good single. But horribly out of shape.I can trailer them down to Gilroy, the Garlic Capital of the World, but I really could only do this a couple times a week because its ALL DAY there and back. I don’t want to turn them into weekend warriors, so they are mothballed for the winter.My goal this summer is to get them conditioned enough to pull the carriage up the first mile so I can drive next winter. I also hope to get in some lessons with someone who is about 3.5 hours away. That makes it an overnight trip. It’s too much of an investment in time and fuel to get just one lesson, and the mountain road makes it work for the ponies to stand in the trailer.Do check out Cara’s Etsy shop Laughing Mare

Last but not least is my friend and co-host on Equestrian Pulse Andrea Parker from The Sand Arena Ballerina.

Andrea: While 2019 saw me land a job that enabled us to move back into the heart of the equestrian world (for South East Queensland at least), it has been far from smooth sailing. The move catapulted us into a huge learning curve with some major changes to my riding and Nonie’s way of going. It was initially frustrating as it meant that we weren’t as competitive as I might have liked, but ultimately I am hopeful that it will set us up for a great 2020 and more importantly for the step towards FEI. With that being said our goals for 2020 are to improve the quality of Nonie’s canter so that we can improve the flying changes and get to work on the canter pirouettes. If we can do this then we’ll be able to have our first start at advanced level.

Follow Andrea and Nonie at www.thesandarenaballerina.com

So, I hope that you have enjoyed hearing about everyone’s goals for 2020. Do you have any goals for you and your horse for this year? Let me know in the comments.

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