This year has been a tough year for all of us. But particularly for small businesses. So I have created this post to share with you some great small equestrian businesses that any horsey girl I know would love to get a present from!

Emily Cole Illustrations

Think modern Thelwell! Emily creates the most funny and relatable prints of everyday horsey life. She also sells gorgeous diaries, calendars, wash bags, notebooks, oven gloves and greetings cards to name just a few things that she offers. Honestly I want it all. Especially the cross country desktop calendar!

Fine Bone China Mug by Emily Cole.

The Alchemists Garden

‘Natural Products for Natural Horses’ is their slogan and I have only read rave reviews about their products. Natural fly repellent, Bubblegum mane and tail spray and anti bacterial hoof clay are some of their best sellers and if they are good as they look I can see why! Their aim is to provide natural alternatives to the chemicals we use on our horses. I want to try all of their products on Gracie!

Alchemist Garden Natural fly spray

Vivendi Apparel

Now I am a brand ambassador for these guys, because their clothes are great. I have a pair of their silicone grip compression leggings and they are so so comfy and the grip makes me feel lovely and secure in the saddle. They also do a full range of gym/workout wear for all you gym bunnies. Vivendi also do fab base layers and awesome caps – both of which I have and love. They currently have a Black Friday sale on so head to their site to grab a bargain or at any other time use my code LOUISE15 for a whopping 15% off your order. For more on Vivendi take a look at my post all about them here.

Pegasus Jewellery

I just love the look of all of Pegasus’ stuff. They sell bracelets, necklaces and rings. They have an inspo range and also a very popular vitality range that use magnetic energy to boost your body and mind. I’ve had my eye on on one of those for quite some time now!

Pegasus Jewellery Vitality Bracelets

Apt Cavalier

I got involved with Sarah and Apt Cavalier this summer doing their ‘Run to Blair’ challenge to raise money for The Ebony Horse Club. But honestly I just love all of their stuff. I have a tee shirt that fits perfectly from them and their Peacock green performance skin that is such a lovely colour and fit that I wear it all the time. If I could I would buy all of their stuff as it is lush!

The Bookstore for Horse Lovers

I just love reading and what I love even more is reading about horses! This website is a place where you can find your new favourite author. It promotes both fiction and non fiction equestrian authors. Although you can’t buy the books on this website there are links to the authors shops so you can buy the book directly from them. Cool idea huh?!

Hello Horse

Lastly for anyone that is based in France like me. Hello Horse is based in Toulouse! Its an online tack shop that sells brands like HKM, Equito, Le Mieux, Premier Equine and Champion. It has loads of beautiful stuff on there and they offer 10% off your first order.

As they say “every time you buy from a small business someone does a happy dance”.

Tell me what your favourite equestrian small businesses are in the comments. Happy shopping everyone! xxxx

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