Today for the Equestrian Pulse Podcast I interviewed Zoe from the equestrian clothing brand Honest Riders. The reason I interviewed her was because Honest Riders set a sustainability challenge called #ridersonamisson each July and challenge you to change 6 things about your lifestyle that can be more sustainable.

For me, I always cared about the environment. I love animals, more than people actually! I have always recycled and never littered but it wasn’t until I did the #ridersonamission challenge that Honest Riders set last year that I realised how much more I could improve. It didn’t really occur to me that as equestrians we can change things at our barns and stables to help the environment very easily!

So here is a list of very simple ways you can become more sustainable and help the environment at your yard inspired by Honest Riders!

How to be a more Sustainable Equestrian

  1. Make sure your water hose isn’t leaking. Or collect water that does leak so it can be used to water the horses or the land.
  2. Make your own fly repellent. This was a goal of mine that I never got around to doing until now. When Smartie’s owner showed me how easy it is to do and how nice it is to use natural products on your horse instead of chemicals?!
  3. Use a feed company that uses refillable or recyclable horse feed bags.
  4. Buy a reusable metal bottle to have your drink in. I have a chilly bottle and it is amazing. It stops the need for plastic bottles and it keeps my drink cool in my hot car!
  5. Have a recyclables bin at your yard or take home rubbish items you can recycle.
  6. Buy sustainable equestrian clothing. Ditch fast fashion! Buy products that will last instead of needing to constantly replace cheap products
  7. Buy tack and clothing second hand. There are great places online like EBay or Boudica’s Bazzar that offer second hand tack, riding clothes and horse equipment for cheaper than buying new.
  8. Make use of that horse manure! Horse poo makes great compost and its ideal to use in gardens. Why don’t you give it away. That way your muck heap will go down and you are helping gardens at the same time!
  9. Buy your horsey stuff from small businesses. Most small equestrian businesses now are very switched on in regards to sustainability and source sustainable materials and it’s much nicer than buying from a major corporation. I recommend Honest Riders, Boudica Equestrian, Vivendi Apparel and Apt Cavalier as some of my favourite small businesses I purchase from.
  10. You could organise a horse clothing or tack swap at your yard. Where people buy/sell/swap items they no longer need. It saves people money and the need to buy new things all the time when it isn’t necessary.

My pledges for the Honest Riders Challenge

For the Honest Riders #ridersonamission challenge for the next 30 days I will…

Switch to my home made fly repellent for Smartie and for me at home I will change to use my reusable beeswax food wrap.

Ditch buying paperback books. I love reading but will continue to use my kindle more and more to save paper. I will also ditch fast fashion and buy quality clothes that last longer.

Commit to making the next piece of tack I buy second hand and to not eat meat at least two days a week.

Are you participating in the challenge? Head to Honest Riders website to find out more or @honest.riders on instagram. #ridersonamission

To check out my interview with Zoe on The Equestrian Pulse Podcast click here.

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