For a while now I have been wanting to use my blog to help people. I am working on it being a more inclusive and diverse place. But also as I am building up a small following of people now, I thought it would be great to use as somewhere we can raise money for equestrian charities that really make a difference to people’s lives.

So when an instagram buddy of mine Adele @setfiretotherein said that her and the team at Apt Cavalier (an equestrian clothing brand) she is sponsored by, are running the distance to Blair Castle from the Apt Cavalier offices to raise money for the Ebony Horse Club in Brixton, London I was very interested in joining in and helping to raise some money for them.

I have admired Adele, as she has really spoken up recently for The Black Lives Matter movement on her instagram account. I have had some very educational and motivating chats with her. As I wanted to know how I could help the cause too. I am a big believer in not just talking about helping but actually doing something. Although it will be tough I think this is something I could do too to raise money for this amazing riding school/youth group which helps all ethnities of people. It’s also a great chance for me to get back into shape post lockdown too – so win win!

The reason we are running 188kms to Blair Castle is because it is Apt Cavalier’s favourite horse trials and they would have been fundraising at their trade stand there, but as the horse trials has been cancelled because of Covid-19 they thought of another way to raise money instead! Blair would have been welcoming its first competitior’s in 10 weeks time. So the Apt Cavalier team, me and a few other of their customers are now running 188kms in the next 10 weeks! We are running to Blair if you will! The aim is to raise £2000.

A bit about Ebony Horse Club.

Photo taken from Ebony Horse Club website

Ebony Horse Club is a riding centre that teaches inner city under privileged children to ride and look after horses. These children would not normally be able to get involved in horses. They are trying to make horses accessible to everyone. It is like a riding youth club, as they not only teach the children how to ride and care for horses, they also teach the children values, skills and responsibilities.

Ebony Horse Club is based in inner city Brixton, London and has 8 horses. They believe riding has a transformative effect on young people growing up in South London’s most disadvantaged communities. They provide opportunities, teach life skills and build confidence with riding and horse care.

Head to their website and watch their video to find out more.

How can you get involved?

On my first run!

You can get involved by donating to our fundraising page here. Or you can walk or run along with us! If you would like to join the challenge head to my facebook page for more information. The link to the Run to Blair Strava group is there of which you can join and get some support whilst you raise money with us! They are a very friendly bunch I have only met Adele (online) and the others are so friendly and supportive.

So if you can please donate to this very special cause and I will keep you updated about how I am getting on. I have ran 10kms so far this week so only 178kms to go!! Wish me luck! xx

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