If you have been following me for a while you might have noticed that I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging. That was because I had surgery and wasn’t doing much at all. However I get a bit of a crisis of confidence every now and again and question why anyone would want to read my rather ‘average’ blogs about being a rather ‘average’ equestrian.

However recently everything with Gracie just seems to be clicking and my confidence with her has grown ten fold. This got me thinking are we really that ‘average’?

Why do I think that I am so ‘average’. Maybe because I follow lots of equestrian bloggers, vloggers and spend a lot of time on instagram lapping up horsey content. There are some amazing content creators out there. I spend more time watching horse stuff on You Tube than Netflix that is for sure. However, due to that it is very easy to fall into that awful habit of comparison. Now my favourite vloggers and bloggers are the ones that share the highs but also share the lows too. For me I use this content as inspiration and for ideas of what I could aim to do with Gracie in the future. But I can see why some people may see other people’s success as something they feel they could never achieve.

silhouette of women feeding horses
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Far too often I see people referring to themselves as average. Their average riding ability, their average horse or their average competition results. It may be down to modesty if you are a Brit like me. We cannot just blow our own trumpets and say how amazing we are. It’s just not in our blood. It maybe due to lack of confidence or down right embarrassment.

Also I just want to say if you don’t compete that doesn’t make you more ‘average’ or less talented than the person who does. There are plenty of equestrians who don’t compete and are excellent riders and horse handlers.

Whatever you do with your horse I would argue if you are horsey you are not average and here are my reasons why…

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We LOVE our horses so so much. I have never met a horse owner who doesn’t love their horse like their own child! I’ve loved horses that weren’t even mine like that. That’s not average to be that passionate about something.


If you have a horse. It is your life or a very big part of it. It is not average to dedicate your life to an animal like we do including all of our time and money too!


Being around horses teaches you resilience. It’s not average to be that resilient.


My goodness patience is not my strong point but for Gracie I have it in bucket loads in every regard. Her training, giving her time off, bringing her back into work, our ridden work. I have found patience I didn’t know I had with my young horse. That isn’t something your ‘average’ person could learn!

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This list could be endless but you get the idea. None of us are ‘average’ we just on different journeys with different horses. We are lucky our sport is very broad which makes it very unique. I know at my stables just this morning in our arena I saw my paddock neighbour doing western riding with her horse. Then another lady doing pretty fancy dressage with her Spanish stallion. Then I went in and did a bit of jumping. You just can’t compare yourself to others or let others success make you feel less successful. It’s just an endless circle.

Just think about it for a minute and I hope you will see. You are not average. We are not average!

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