This year I was thinking that I would love to use the blog to help people and have been thinking of ways to raise some money for charitable causes. I thought about which causes I would like to help within the equestrian world and immediately thought of The Evie Toombes Foundation. Being a nurse myself, I honestly have been blown away with Evie’s courage, determination and mind set despite her ongoing struggles with her health.

So I will be supporting The Evie Toombes Foundation as much as I possibly can and I urge you to as well. Incase you don’t know who Evie is, Evie is a British para rider, who was born with Spina bifida and also suffers from gastro paresis which effects her bowel/ bladder and leg function & her ability to feed, meaning she needs to use a tube to feed normally. I ‘met’ Evie when I interviewed her for an Inspo Interview for the blog a few months ago. I liked her straight away, she was a pleasure to work with and despite only being 18 years old she is definitely one of the most inspiring people I have met. Evie struggles with her own chronic health problems with an amazing outlook “find a way not an excuse.”

I had seen her on the BBC 3’s ‘Amazing people’ and wanted to find out more about her. To be honest I reached out to her because she seemed like a very inspiring and interesting person to feature on my blog, but I was blown away when I got to know her more. Evie is a just a lovely person. The way she handles herself and her attitude towards life is amazing. She uses her own ill health to help to educate people about medical conditions, procedures and equipment which people may not be aware of. So much so that she now works as a Hidden Disabilities Ambassador, which has led to her setting up The Evie Toombes Foundation. This work taken her to meet Prince Harry and Meghan last year and this year has led her to talk at the RDA’s 50th birthday celebrations in front of HRH Princess Anne.

Evie finds riding her horses an excellent release and a wonderful distraction from her illness, which affects her everyday. Over the past few months Evie has been an inpatient in hospital for 5 weeks receiving PRN feed as her weight dropped dangerously low and she also frequently visits the hospital to get potassium infusions as her potassium levels also frequently drop dangerously low . The Foundation was set up to help her fund, maintain and run a medical facility/horse box to allow Evie to continue competing her horses as Evie cannot manage her complex medical condition away from home very easily. Her condition effects her bowel, bladder and lower leg and her ability to feed. In order to raise money Evie is visiting schools to educate children about hidden disabilities, but not only this Evie has written a children’s book about the subject – ‘Lucy Goes To School’ which she hopes to be in every primary school in the U.K.

So why don’t you get a copy of Lucy Goes To School’ it would make the perfect read for young children and is engaging, light hearted and fun whilst enriching children’s knowledge and awareness of hidden disabilities and illnesses.

The link to purchase is below

Evie’s book seller

Finally I would just like to add I have not been asked to write this blog by Evie or profit at all from any books sold. I just want to support Evie as much as I can.

Also some of the words describing Evie’s conditions and her books have been taken from her website.

For more information about Evie head to her website

 Follow Evie on Instagram @evietoombes or on Facebook @evietoombespararider

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