Christmas is all about giving and receiving. However do you find that the receiving seems to be the most important part? Christmas can be so expensive and we can end up buying so much ‘stuff’ that we don’t actually need. So here are my ideas of how you can give back this Christmas and do something that will make a big difference.

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Give to a Charity

There are so many charities that are in desperate need of our donations that are often overlooked. My favourite horsey charities are The Ebony Horse Club who run a youth club in the heart of London for underprivileged children and The Evie Toombes Foundation. Evie is the one of the most inspirational people that I have ‘met’ she is a para show jumper and someone that battles ongoing serious chronic illnesses. Despite only being 19 she uses her experiences of being disabled and having hidden illnesses to tour schools to educate children about it and she has even written a book called ‘Lucy Goes to School’. Click here to read a previous I wrote all about Evie.

Support Small Businesses

This year has been particularly hard for small businesses due to the global Covid 19 pandemic. It’s sent our economies into meltdown and people were forced to shut up shop for months at a time this year more than once. So instead of buying all of your Christmas gifts from Amazon or great big corporations that did manage to stay open this year, why don’t you help a small business owner stay a float instead. Click here for my top picks of equestrian small businesses.

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Buy Secondhand

As some of you may already know I became a horse owner again recently. It’s been 17 years since I owned my own horse and I’ve had to buy her everything. I didn’t even have my own grooming kit!

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how expensive horse stuff is. So I have tried to buy the things I can for Gracie second hand. I have bought a gorgeous saddle from my friend that kindly let me have it considerably cheaper than if she had sold it to a stranger and I have just bought a gorgeous Le Mieux saddle pad from preloved for £20 and it’s nearly new! So don’t be afraid to buy used stuff for your horse. Horses don’t mind if they have new stuff or not! There are loads of bargains to be had on preloved, eBay & Gumtree as well as numerous buy and selling facebook groups. If you are in France like me Leboncoin can have some real bargains too!

Consider Making Your Own Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts are the most thoughtful ones. I know I really appreciate it if someone has gone to trouble of making me a present. Tree decorations, cakes and little trinkets could make very cool presents for your friends and family.

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Shop Brands That are Socially Conscious

The best example of this I can think of is Honest Riders. From their Sustainability Challenge each July to them planting trees for every comment they receive on their social media for a ‘Green Friday’ rather than Black Friday. They make such a difference. I was a customer of theirs because I liked their stuff. I have many of their slogan Tee shirts because they are cool. But since becoming a customer I have really learnt a lot from them about how to be more sustainable. Thank you Honest Riders we need more companies like you!!

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Instead of a Gift Offer Your Help Instead

Lastly instead of spending loads of money you don’t really have to spare on a gift why don’t you do something to help someone for free instead? It’s a win win! You can really help out a mate by mucking out, babysitting or making them dinner. I’m sure they’ll really appreciate it and it’ll be more appreciated than an actual gift.

So what don’t you have a go?! How will you give back this Christmas? Let me know in the comments! xxx

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