Today we hear from my Equestrian Pulse co-host Andrea AKA The Sand Arena Ballerina in Australia.

You’re living in leggings, you’ve not worn makeup in weeks and you’re spending way too much time looking at your own face on zoom calls… Welcome to life in isolation!

All jokes aside I cannot express how fortunate I feel to have a stable job at this time. I work as a dietitian for the local mental health service, which means that I have been able to switch to working from home. The physical isolation of Australia from the rest of the world, meant that we were a few weeks behind the rest of the world in terms of Corona Virus hitting our shores. This left us equestrians in the extremely privileged position to be able to continue not only caring for our horses,as a matter of animal welfare, but also being able to ride.

Obviously competitions were off the cards, however I seized the opportunity to buckle down and focus on training. However, due to my asthma flaring up just before Queensland went into self-isolation, I initially made the decision not to have lessons. With recent relaxation in our rules, I was able to get back out for a lesson last week. 

Outside of the essentials, like work and horses, my partner Steve and I had to cancel our holiday to visit my parents. They are literally on the other side of Australia, a cool 4400km away so the trip had been in the works for some time.Aside from this there are changes that while not game changers, are strange and slightly annoying. For instance, trying to navigate the supermarkets, get all the things you need and stay 1.5m from other people.

All in all I can only feel exceptionally lucky, some might even say #blessed. My heart goes out to all those who have been affected, from the big things like having lost jobs to having lost loved ones and the smaller but invariably difficult things like being separated from their horses.

Andrea is an Australian adult amateur dressage rider who funds her equestrian obsession by working as a dietitian. She lives and breathes all things equestrian and blogs about it at and is a co-host on The Equestrian Pulse podcast. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @the_sand_arena_ballerina

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