For today’s Equestrian Lives in Lockdown we hear from Catherine aka The Wild Atlantic Rider in Ireland.

The last eight weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions – from fear and uncertainty to feelings of contentment and appreciation. I first experienced real fear at the beginning of March after I had attended a friend’s hen party in the small Irish seaside town of Lahinch. Lahinch is near the world famous Cliffs of Moher and is both a tourist’s and surfer’s paradise. However, the normally bustling little town had a distinct black cloud over it. Only a few kilometres down the road was one of Ireland’s first known outbreaks of Covid 19. Lahinch was in it’s own lockdown even before our government enforced it.

After that weekend our world changed dramatically. Schools closed, social distancing was enforced and our country was brought into lockdown. For the first two weeks I was anxious, aware of any little cough or tickle in my throat in fear that I may have come into contact with the virus during our weekend away. I was not concerned for my own well being, but the fear that I could have spread it to vulnerable members of my family was truly crippling.

Luckily for me my horses are at home. I was temporarily laid off from work which allowed me a few of weeks of rest, when I would normally be entering our busiest time of year. Having Solas and Giselle around me gives me an escape from the constant apocalyptic news reels and has allowed me to take stock of what is truly important. My grandmother would always say “your health is your wealth” and now I really know the truth of this sentiment. While there is so much uncertainty keeping things in perspective has helped me adust to our new way of living. We still have a roof over our heads, food on our tables and my two best friends are right outside my door, ready to gallop the troubles of Covid 19 away when needs be.

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