For today’s Equestrian Lives in Lockdown, we hear from my friend Cristina Bordes-Narravo who lives in Toulouse, France. Here is her experience of life in lockdown…


There are loads of thoughts that come to my mind these days. Being in lockdown definitely gives you time to think over the way you live. It makes me consider going out of the city, living in the countryside, dreaming about having my horse(s) around. But on the other hand, I know that Charly is doing really well in the stables. All the staff of “Écurie de Bois Portier” are making the biggest effort to make the horses happier than ever.

Charly enjoying his ‘holiday’

The last weekend before the Covid-19 confinement, I already knew what was going to come. I am a Spanish girl living in Toulouse, France and in Spain things were getting a bit ugly so the time where we could not ride nor visit our horses was coming over. I tried to spend as much time as possible with Charly, enjoying each moment together.


If everything goes well in France, we will soon be able to visit and ride our “ponies”. To be honest, I’m a bit nervous. Charly is a lovely horse but is a bit stubborn and has a strong character – he is a Selle Français horse and lives up to the breed! He has been out of work for some weeks before the lockdown so let’s see how his return to the arena will go…

Carlitos (his nickname) had two lumps in his back and he couldn’t be ridden for a while, only some lunging  and groundwork exercises. We were about to start our training for our showjumping competitions but suddenly, everything stopped. During these weeks he has been in the field, unaware of this crisis, eating a lot of grass and happily running around. I am lucky to receive some photos and videos from my coach and I even made a FaceTime call with my horse!

Charly and Baloo

In two weeks it will be time to come back to work. We shall do it little by little to avoid injuries. But now for me this is not the most important thing… what I really need is to connect with him, being close to each other as we have been doing for so long.Be sure to check out the other blogs in this series.

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