Today we have the first of our blogs from the U.K from Verena AKA The Girl About the Yard. Here’s her lockdown experience:   Covid-19, the most mysterious time for all!I am a freelance riding instructor by trade here by the North West of England, near the Lake District and love it! There is something very slow about the life up here, with the motivation and energy being determined by the weather, the hordes of tourists and the farming community! However, when we were instructed to be on lockdown in April, it was apparent or seeming to be apparent that life wouldn’t change – that we would remain being slow and enjoying that pace of life. Little did I know that the strain on Covid-19 would hit me more mentally than physically. 


I am lucky enough to have my horses at home, I enjoy life alongside a donkey and an Irish Sport Horse – we usually spend our time nosily looking over peoples’ hedges and keeping tabs on what the neighbours are doing out on our hacks. This is no longer the case, and I didn’t realise how much I would miss it. The simple act of tacking up gives me pleasure beyond belief. I have stop riding regularly, so that I am not a toll on our National Health Service – there is a split between the UK riding population of people who have chosen to do this!There is no way of pottering out and about to browse shops and keep an eye on what the market is doing and how the older generation are in the area, instead, you are to remain inside apart from your hours exercise. There is a massive pull on one’s mental state when you are unable to enjoy and be motivated by the surrounding areas and conversations that you hear. I keep my routine with my horses very sacred, I feed them every evening and give them a good groom and check their hooves – if you’d like to see two animals galloping in for supper, head to and I savour the moments. 


I long to be back board, to be back looking over the ears and keeping my adrenaline pumping. Never again will I take the movement of the horse between my legs, and the squeak of the saddle for granted. There is something mysteriously wonderful about a chance to slow down and be reflective on what you value. Stay safe, stay healthy team! We will meet again!  To follow Verena’s adventures follow her blog The Girl About The Yard and follow her on facebook and instagram @girlabouttheyard      Be sure to check out the other blogs in the series. 

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