Hi everyone sorry for the disappearing act. I’ll give you a little catch up of what has been going on.

So I won’t go into the nitty gritty but I started working full time as a Care Assistant in a care home in November. I quit at the end of December after making myself a bit ill as I hated it so much. It was a whirlwind of horrible experiences nasty colleagues, massive understaffing and terrible management. It left me feeling miserable. That as well as travel restrictions being put in between France and the UK very last minute that meant we had to cancel seeing our family for a second year at Christmas. I was feeling very low.

Gracie being the sensitive mare she is, seemed to very aware that I wasn’t in a good head space. So during this time everything I tried to do with her seemed difficult. I felt exasperated. I felt like I couldn’t do anything right.

However fast forward 2 months and the opposite is true! I have managed to get my dream job in a completely different sector and I’ve had absolutely loads of quality time with Gracie and we are thriving.

What’s been going on with Gracie I hear you cry!

We got a new instructor

We’ve got a new coach! I bit the bullet and started having lessons with an instructor I’ve wanted to for years. I saw him teaching at my old yard and he caught my attention as he specialises in Eventing. He does loads of clinics and just seemed very calm and nice and he already teaches lots of people at my new yard. In a nut shell, best decision ever! I didn’t feel ready to start lessons when I did but pushed on anyway & I am so glad that I did as Gracie and I have progressed so fast in a very short space of time.

We’ve started jumping!

As we now have a new coach we have had some jumping lessons and boy does Gracie fly! Again this was always a goal for the future but I am so glad that I stopped putting it off and actually got on with it. So far we have managed to jump around 70cms.

Gracie has changed her living situation.

So when we moved to our new yard in September she shared a field with a very good friend of mine’s horse. But as time went on the horses just didn’t seem happy. At first it was terrible separation anxiety, which made it very difficult to do anything with either of them alone. Then factor in mine and my friend’s schedules didn’t really suit either. Then the horse’s just didn’t seem happy. Gracie became very aggressive in the paddock to horses and humans, at around the time we started feeding them hard feed for the winter. She seemed increasingly stressed at sharing her shelter and hay. So we made the difficult decision to separate them. With a view that my friend’s horse went to an individual paddock and Gracie stayed put and would share her paddock whenever a new horse arrived. But very bizarrely there were no new horses, so Gracie ended up being in her paddock alone for several weeks. She seemed surprising content alone but I always intended to introduce another horse as Gracie seems to be very social. However within a week, she was calmer to handle in every , she was no longer aggressive in the paddock and she just seemed to be a much happier calmer horse. So I made the decision to keep her in a individual paddock & she seems to be very happy.

We have also restarted our online dressage.

We did an intro (walk trot) test in December and got our best score yet 61.2% coming 4th in our class. If you want to join in the fun with E-Riders click here (aff link). But our arena is 20×60 so in January we stepped up to Prelim so we can do the long arena tests.

So there you have a little update. I hope that you are well and 2022 is proving to be better than the last 2 years! I will aim to get back to blogging regularly again as I do really love it. But that being said I start my new full time job next week so I may be MIA again for a while!

Bye bye for now

Louise and Gracie xxx

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