This brings me pure joy that I can work with small equestrian companies that I absolutely love. If you have followed me for a while you will know that I LOVE doing online dressage with E-Riders. I have been doing it since September 2019 when I started with Mya and since then have competed on Lissy and Gracie too.

What is E-Riders?

E-Riders is an online dressage competition based in the UK but is open to riders all over the world! I compete from France and I know that there are other riders from Europe, America, Australia and the UK that compete against each other too.

How does it work?

Each month there are different tests you can enter and there really is something for everyone. It uses the British dressage system of Intro, Prelim, Novice, elementary, medium and Advanced Medium and PSG. So you can choose which level suits you and your horse. There are different classes with those levels so you compete with riders and horses of a similar ability to you. You can choose to do the E-Riders tests or enter the BD (British Dressage) classes and you can also enter the leagues. There are also BE (British Eventing classes), fun classes including pairs relay, any tack classes and prancing with poles to name a few. There are veteran classes, junior classes and ex racehorse classes too. So do check out the website as I am not exaggerating when I say there really is something for everyone.

My experience of competing with E-Riders

I honestly throughly recommend it! For me it’s great to have something to work towards in my schooling sessions and it is very easy to get involved. All you need is someone to film you do your test and you just send your video in via youtube and facebook. I wasn’t even keen on dressage when I started doing E-Riders with Mya. I only started it as something to do as Mya couldn’t jump but I quickly got addicted to it. My friends started to join in and compete each month too. We even had a go at the team tournament in the spring. As soon as Gracie was backed I entered the Intro limited classes with her and it was great to some constructive feedback from the judges.

Feeling too nervous to enter?

I would like to say if this is something you have been thinking about doing but are too afraid to have a go just do it!! Honestly I am no dressage diva. I am an ex show jumper on a newly backed very green wobbly horse! So if Gracie and I can do it anyone can! The feedback from every single judge has been so kind and supportive. I have never had a bad comment from a judge and you can even send your video in without anyone else being able to see it.

How do I enter?

Here is the link to enter. Just so you know if you click through using my link I will make a tiny bit of commission and it will make me day! Just click here.

All the details of how to enter are on the website. Please take particular care on how to video as you MUST introduce yourself each test and the person videoing must stand behind C. Please be mindful that your horse’s tack must be BD legal and you will be penalised if you don’t wear gloves! Everything you need to know about how to enter and all of the rules are on the website.

Hopefully I will be virtually competing with you soon!

To find out more about my experiences I have written a few blogs about E-Riders in the past do check them out here.

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  1. Wow, what a cool program. I started hearing about online horse shows this past year and a half with covid, but I have not heard of this one before. It sounds like a really great organization especially for those who are worried about traveling, want to save money, or those who have horses that get nervous at shows.

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