Hey guys sorry I have been sooo quiet on here recently. I don’t know about you but since lockdown I just haven’t wanted to be inside writing like I used to.

I thought I would give you a little update of the world of Smartie and Louise. Things are ticking along very slowly over here in the South of France. July and August are horribly hot here, so I only ride on the occasional days when the temperature is not too boiling!

Let’s start with what has been happening with Smartie…

Smartie has of course been treated like the queen she is. I have made sure to keep her skin routine up and her skin is looking pretty darn good at the moment. I use a combination of Naf D-Itch lotion. (Click for a review on this previously on the blog) and good Sudo Cream! She is still managing somehow to itch her face and make it bleed. But apart from that she is looking tip top at the moment!

Pamper Pamper Pamper

Over the last few weeks Smartie has had a nice hair cut, I have tried to learn how to clip with her as she is the most PERFECT horse to learn and practice with as she does not move at all. So last week I hogged her again and clipped her legs. The hog looks ok but I am a little embarrassed of the mess I made of her legs! She doesn’t seem to mind though and she can deffo pull off the uneven leg hair look!

Comfort is key!

Smartie has also been seen by the Dentist for her little stubby teeth and she was also seen by the saddle fitter.

Smartie doesn’t have the best teeth, she is cracking on a bit now at the grand age of 22 years old, but honestly her teeth look like she is 40!She had managed to bite her own tongue, which honestly doesn’t suprise me as she is the clumsiest horse in the world.

Then the saddle fitter came and informed us that her saddle does not fit at all. I felt terrible as I hadn’t noticed! I did say to Kate that she seems to really struggle walking downhill but we assumed that was her pads under her shoes she has for her arthritis causing her to do that. Maybe not! So now I have ordered her a gorgeous fluffy numnah to wear under Lissy’s saddle as that saddle fits her much better.

The rest of time has been spent in her field with Lissy sunbathing and grazing probably day dreaming about carrots!

What’s Louise been up to?

I have been poodling along. We moved to a lovely apartment that has a garden so I am loving that! But getting unpacked and sorted always takes ages doesn’t it?!

I have managed to get another job. This is something I have been trying to do for a long time. So this is kind of a big deal for me! Since I’ve arrived in France I have only managed to get very part time hours child minding. I have been striving to do something more & ideally in French for a year now.

So now I am working as a carer for a French company that places me in older peoples home to help them do their shopping and things around the house. I am really enjoying it. At the moment I am placed with a woman who is 101 years old. So I go to her house every afternoon to help her and her son. I am learning a lot of new French vocabulary and its getting me out and about. I am so very pleased and hope to take on more hours with another placement soon.

Run Rabbit Run

Apt Cavalier’s Run to Blair Challenge is keeping me busy which is running 188kms by next Thursday. I only have 18kms to go! I am so pleased that I was part of a team raising money for Ebony Horse Club. If you want to read a blog all about it click here . I also interviewed Sarah from Apt Cavalier and Adele their sponsored rider for the Equestrian Pulse podcast. To have a listen just click here.

Summer Fun!

Lastly the funniest thing Smartie and I have done this summer is definitely a photo shoot with my friend Eugenie from @EZHphotos. Genie took some beautiful photos of Mya and I back in 2018. So I jumped at the chance when she suggested a summer photo shoot with Smartie.. I will treasure the photos I have with Smartie as I always knew she was only staying with my temporarily. I will be sure to have a photo shoot withe every horse I have as the photos are such great souvenirs.

How has your summer been? Let me know in the comments.

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