Hey Everyone!

It’s fair to say that I have lost my blogging mojo recently. I’ve been ill for a while (just general colds/coughs, nothing more horrible don’t worry) so I have been functioning at the bare minimum to be honest. The last few days I have been stressing as I haven’t been posting regularly, no one is reading the blog and my Pinterest scheduler is not working. I also haven’t ridden Mya for 2 weeks either. But you know what I am not going to worry about that over Christmas! I am going to enjoy some time off with my friends and family and just chill out!

Normally I do a dressage results blog, but I will just quickly tell you that in November we came 3rd in Prelim 1 which was the Xmas fancy dress class with 64.14% ( 3% better than in Sept) and 12th in Prelim 7 with 61%. Two tests that we struggled with, as quite frankly Mya found them a bit boring! She just wanted to canter around the arena or do some medium paces down the centre line when I just wanted her to trot in a straight line!

In January I will get back to blogging, I have lined up some fabulous guest bloggers of which I hope to feature once a month to open up more horsey topics on In Due Horse. I will also relaunch the book club as we know have lots of lovely people in the group but I need to learn how to run the group well! But for now I am on my Xmas hols and all will resume in January & the blog will return bigger and better than before.

Thank you whole heartedly to everyone that reads the blog or follows me on social media. Your support is very much appreciated. We have built up a lovely little community of horsey people that I just love! Having you guys support me so well, actually lead me to approach a magazine to write for and I am very proud to say that I am now a published writer!!! In the winter edition of ´In The Country’ you will see an article written by me & a big picture of Mya & I ( she doesn’t realise how popular she is!) so THANK YOU as I never would of dreamt of that if it wasn’t for you guys saying lovely things to me after reading the blog!!

So that just leaves one thing to say. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have lots of time to spend with your furry friends over the holidays and I wish you all the best for the new year!

See you on the other side and Bonne Fête my friends!

Lots of love

Louise and Mya xxx

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