I have started January full of optimism and excitement, so I thought I would set some new goals for this year with Mya. I am just so pleased with the progress I have made with her in 2019. However things weren’t always looking this peachy.  At the beginning of the year things were looking a bit bleak to be honest. We had a bad winter, Mya reared a few times in hand with me which really frightened me and my confidence was shot. The trust I had in her vanished and because of that her trust in me vanished too. But we quietly trudged on, with a lot of support and help from Kate Mya’s owner we gradually got over our problems.

In fact we not only got over our problems we soared! We spent the summer hacking out along the sunflower fields and we even managed to go to the Perry Wood riding clinic, Mya’s first trip away from her yard in 6 years and she really enjoyed showing off in front of our new friends! We started doing our online dressage tests, which are proving to be such fun and such a good way to progress and now I am looking forward to what we can do next year.

I actually made a short vlog about this if you care to take a look here.

So, my first goal is to continue to enter an online dressage test every month. I would like to try different classes out. Last month we did the Xmas fancy dress class and a normal prelim class. Next month I plan to enter the either BE90/100 class just to jazz things up a bit. I would like to try to compete with different companies to find the one I love the most. I would also like to get to a level where I can participate in the league.

I would also like to find an instructor that I like. I wanted to take more riding lessons here in France and that is a goal from last year that I haven’t quite managed to do. I managed to go for one lesson, but as the lesson was in French I really had to summon up the courage to go as I was terrified I wouldn’t understand anything. It turned out it went brilliantly but the yard I went to isn’t open when I can go. So, this year I have a friend who show jumps with her horse and I am going to go have some lessons with her and her instructor at her yard. I am very excited as I think it will be a lot of fun with her and I am hopeful that it is somewhere I can continue to go to for extra lessons.

My other ultimate goal is to compete at novice level in dressage. This is an ambitious goal for me, a dressage newbie. However I am certain Mya is very capable of this level now. She knows how to do medium paces already with Katie. I just need to catch up with her! I am also very competitive and easily distracted, so I do find challenging myself a very effective in a way of improving my performance. We won our Limited class in November with E-riders at prelim level and that quite frankly has made me hungry to win more! I’m such a sucker for a rosette! But for the mean time I will continue at prelim level and try to get placed so I can participate in the league!

My other goal is go to another Perry Wood clinic and try attend more clinics nearby. I am trying to arrange to be able to go to a lesson with William Fox-Pitt who is holding a clinic nearby at the beginning of Feb and perhaps even start competing Mya in local dressage competitions.

My final goal with Mya is simple. To continue enjoying my time with Mya and riding as much as possible. I am so glad I found her and Katie and really enjoy my time at the stables so I want to continue to do that next year.

Lastly I have some small goals for the blog too. I love writing the blog and will continue to do so but I am going to work on a bit more structure as I worry that the blog is actually just a big mind dump for any ideas and posts that I think of with no real pattern or structure. So in 2020 there will be more organisation and themes to each month on In Due Horse. There will also be guest bloggers! Each month there will be a blog from a guest blogger about a topic that they have expertise in. So for example January is all about planning and goal setting and will feature a blog from Jenni Bush ‘The Equine Business Assistant’ to help you set achievable goals and targets for your equine business or with your horse, so keep an eye out for that.

I would just like to take this opportunity to say thanks so much for reading the blog and following In Due Horse. It really means a lot.

2019 you have been brilliant! Roll on 2020!

Louise & Mya xxx

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