Hey everyone. This blog is more about pretty pictures than anything else really! As Smartie and sunflowers are my two favourite things, I thought that they deserved a cheeky blog of their own!

Smartie and sunflowers – bliss!

I feel incredibly lucky to live in France. No more so than when I can ride past the sunflower fields on horseback in the summer.

Smartie has become quite the poser since I fully clipped her and hogged a few months ago.

The weather here has been sooo hot. So on the days that aren’t I sneak out for a ride early in the morning. It is just such a treat!

I don’t really have much else to report at the moment. In Due Horse has some amazing guest blogs scheduled, so do check them out. I enjoy them so much as I love hearing how horses enrich people’s lives.

It’s holiday mode all the way here in Toulouse. Although I have cancelled my holiday plans for a few different reasons (nothing horrible don’t worry). So James and I will hanging out with Smartie more than we thought which I am very happy about.

For Smarts, she has the dentist in a couple of weeks. The saddle fitter is coming to give her saddle a check. I will also reclip and hogg her again to make sure she is as cool as possible in this heat.

For more of what we get up to day to day be sure to follow me on instagram! Make sure you are listening to my podcast Equestrian Pulse too as I chat to some very cool people on there!

Bye for now and have an amazing summer break xxx

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