As some of you may know I am the host of a podcast called Equestrian Pulse. It was the product of Andrea (Sand Arena Ballerina/ Rider Nutrition) and cohosted by myself and some other awesome fellow equestrian bloggers Heather (Timid Rider), and later Natalie (Inside Track Eventing). We have been going a couple of years now and actually ended up taking a bit of an unplanned hiatus as life got in the way.

Well, I am very pleased to tell you that Equestrian Pulse is back although a little different now as I am only host. There are no hard feelings involved between the hosts, to be honest with you it can be very time consuming running a podcast and a blog. So it wasn’t something the others could commit to anymore. So when the time came I just could not give it up! So I asked if anyone would mind if I continued with the podcast & luckily everyone agreed.

When it came to starting up recording again the first person that popped into my head was Nicky from Be Your Best Yet, a mindset coach that I enjoyed interviewing and I had interviewed for the podcast before. Twice in fact! Fun fact Nicky was the only guest to come onto the podcast more than once. So when I reached out I threw caution to the wind and asked if she would be interested in being a regular guest host on the show. Fantastically she said yes so now Nicky guest hosts the show once a fortnight and I do my usual interviews once a fortnight as well. So there is a podcast every 2 weeks.

I absolutely love chatting to people for the podcast. Not once have I interviewed someone and it be awkward & lacking in anything to say. Honestly normally feel like I know the people already as I follow them on social media.

So far in season 2 we have had some amazing guests

Episode 1: Louise chats to Nicky from Be Your Best Yet (Nicky interviewed me & honestly that chat has changed my life with Gracie for the better. I am now jumping and doing things I would have been still putting off if it wasn’t for Nicky).

Episode 2: Louise chats with Nicky T Fitness

Episode 3: Nicky chats with Louise Morley

Episode 4: Louise chats with Andrea all about rider nutrition

Episode 5: Nicky chats with Sophie Seymour

Episode 6: Louise chats with Martha Lily Photography

Episode 7: Nicky chats with Nicole Golding from Whispering Back

Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already. They are available on all major podcast providers. Epsiodes are out every other Monday with the next episode airing on Monday 28 Feb where Louise chats with Ashley Harrison a 4* star eventer and vlogger.

Be sure to follow the podcast on social media on facebook @equestrianpulsepodcast and on instagram @equestrianpulse.

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