Well, I have had a fun filled November! A couple of weeks ago Mya & I were lucky enough to have our very first photo shoot with Genie from ezhphotos, who is also based here in Toulouse.

Photo credit: EZH.Photos

I met Eugenie a few months ago at a friends wedding. She was the photographer but also a guest at the wedding & we got along really well. She later contacted me to say that she had always wanted to do a photo shoot with a horse & would I be interested in doing one with her. I jumped at the chance! Genie wanted to do the shoot in the autumn so she could capture the autumn colours in the background, and I am so glad we did as the colours are incredible! I am so pleased with the photos that I have seen so far. I really just wanted to take the time to recommend her. She is so nice and had loads of ideas of what she wanted us to do, which was great for me as I am a photo shoot novice! She was also very attentive of Mya, as bearing in mind she has never photographed a horse before I was really impressed with her patience and understanding if Mya moved suddenly or wouldn’t stand still. That being said Mya was really good. I was so impressed with her as I honestly thought she may make it quite difficult for us but she was a superstar! The whole experience was very enjoyable. So those of you in Toulouse if you are ever in need of a photographer – do not hesitate to contact Genie at http://ezh.photos/.

In other exciting news, I went to my first one day event in France today. Although it was only as a spectator! I was dead chuffed when Trudi, someone I had met through a friend invited me to go see her at a local one day event she was competing at today. It great to spend time with Trudi & her horse Violine, but also to see what competing is like here in France.

I think Violine was trying to hide from the camera in this pic!

To be able to compete in France you must pass your Gallop 5 exam. Which from what I gather are kind of like the BHS stage exams (but they do not correlate, unfortunately as I have done a few BHS exams). So you have to show competence in horse care and stable management and in your riding ability. This is something I will need to get before I could consider competing and perhaps a good goal for me next year. I am hoping me & Katie (Mya’s owner) could do this together next year.

Overall the event was really very similar to an event in the U.K. although perhaps slightly more relaxed. Trudi did really well, I didn’t get there in time to see her dressage test but she was pleased with it, she went clear with some time penalties in the cross country, which I thought was understandable as it was very wet today. Then was unlucky and had two poles down in the showjumping. Not placed today but we both had good fun & that’s what is all about really isn’t it?! I’m looking forward to going to watch her compete again and it’s really got me wanting to do it myself…. Although I haven’t competed in over 10 years!!

That being said I did jump Mya for the first time ever this week. We only did a tiny little cross pole as I wasn’t certain if she knew how to jump! But she definitely can & seems to love it.

Mya had a serious leg injury a few years ago & has never really returned to full work since, because Katie understandably was worried it could happen again. So Mya has not really jumped in many years. That combined with me who only returned to riding in May after a break of many years (I had the odd lesson in that time but didn’t really jump). So watch this space! I feel my jumping mojo may have returned. Just need to remember how to be brave!

But in all seriousness all of this has really got me thinking about what Mya & I could be working towards and it’s really exciting! Trudi – you totally inspired me!

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