The day we have been waiting for has arrived. I am pleased to announce that Mya has had a little colt named Link. Mum and baby are doing really well. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

A bit about his breeding

He is by Danciano an amazing german dressage horse via artificial insemination. Kate decided due to Mya’s bad leg that she wouldn’t be put into foal the natural way.

Danciano is a well known stallion that has many offspring. There’s even a facebook page so their owners can connect!

I can tell you he is the perfect combination of his mum & dad! He really does resemble both of them!

How he was named

Link’s full name is Link Izzy Du Goujon. In France there are quite strict rules about naming a foal. Each year has a letter, so in 2021 all horses born during this year have to have a name that begins with a L. For example in 2016 the year Gracie was born it was G & people have known how old she is when they ask her name!! Kate also thought Link was a sweet name as he really links us all together during the pandemic.

Mya’s full name is Izzy Mya, so Izzy is in there as a reference to that and the final rule of the naming process is that the place where the horse is born has to be in the name too. So ‘du Goujon’ is the name of our stables & the place where Link was born. I always assumed it would be the name of the stallion’s stud but no!

So fun fact Gracie was born at Ecuries du Goujon so Link is Link Izzy du Goujon and Gracie is Gracie du Goujon. It’s like they are siblings!!

Our Missing Link

He really is our missing link! It was so difficult when we had to retire Mya last year. The uncertainty was quite unbearable. So for her to become such an amazing mum to the cutest foal is just the thing we needed after a tough year living abroad during the pandemic. I can’t wait to see him grow up, he moves beautifully already! He’s going to be a little dressage superstar!

To see a clip of his sire and for a some footage of Link head over to Mytube channel & watch my Vlog. Also keep an eye out on my @induehorse social media channels as I am sure there will be plenty more photos of Link over there regularly!!

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