As some of you may or may not know I have recently acquired the lovely Smartie who is a gorgeous piebald mare. But unfortunately Smartie comes with baggage and that baggage is terrible sweet itch!

I knew Smartie had sweet itch when she arrived, however I didn’t appreciate how bad her skin was! My pony had sweet itch when I was in my teens and I remember it being a mild inconvenience. I never worried that my pony was uncomfortable all the time and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t. This was long before sweet itch/fly rugs were a thing too! However when Smartie arrived it quickly became obvious to me that she was so so itchy all the time. Her owner packed her lotions to apply and I knew that I had to apply it regularly. What I didn’t realise is how quickly the NAF D-Itch lotion would work! I was very pleasantly surprised!

Smartie before:

Smartie is even itching in this photo.

If you look around where Smartie’s head collar is you can see all the broken skin on her face.

I applied the D-Itch lotion before and after I rode which was around 4x times a week. The lotion is very easy to put on and doesn’t smell, so its not a problem to apply it with your hands. I personally use cotton wool. After a few days the skin already looked better.

Smartie now:

Despite having a glow up and haircut you can see that her skin is visibly better with no broken areas. Each time I see Smartie I still continue to apply the cream to stop it from reoccurring. I also continue to treat any new areas of broken skin, as she still does rub but definitely not as much. I am sure the lotion makes her feel less itchy. This along side hogging and clipping her and starting to feed her anti-histamine everyday I have seen a dramatic improvement in her condition. Her owner Fiona is over the moon and people that know her have said how fantastic she looks! So I am feeling quite pleased with myself!

The lotion reminds me of after sun. Smartie seems to like me applying it. The skin seems to suck it in so fast that I can reapply the lotion after I ride without her having layers of it on. The recommended treatment is 2-3 times a day.

If your horse has sweet itch I really recommend this product and have had great results with it! I am no way endorsed by NAF and this item was purchased. I just wanted to write a review as I feel this product may benefit other horses with similar conditions.

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