I met the very lovely Georgia of Diary of a Dun when I chatted with her on my podcast Equestrian Pulse a few months ago. She had told me how she couldn’t find a planner that she liked for her horses, so she decided to make her own and I thought that was just so cool. That would have never occurred to me. Georgia kindly gifted me an equine planner to do an honest review of it so here it is!

What Is It For?

So for those not familiar with an equine planner, it is basically a diary for your horse! This could be used as a competition planner, it could be used as a well being diary for your horse, a training diary or it could be quite handy for someone that keeps their horse on livery. The yard and you could fill it in to inform each other of what is going on with your horse.

The Sections

It has a section for your personal details at the front, with spaces for you to fill in your horse’s useful contacts like the farrier, dentist and instructors contact details. There is a year table for you to easily schedule your appointments in. There are several pages for you to input your horse’s details and includes spaces for your horses feeds each day. It also has a year table for ‘2020 events’, a page for ‘favourite exercises’ and a ‘Weight Record’ table which I think is really handy.

The planner is then sectioned into weeks with a good space each day for you to note what you need to do on that day and each day has a little section for exercise/training, duration and notes. Every other week has an inspirational horsey quote on it, which I think is a very nice touch. Each week has a section where you can note your achievements and next weeks goals. There is also a section each week to note the shows you entered with the class and results. There are a good amount of note pages at the back too.

My favourite bits

I personally love the weight table. As I never remember to record my horse’s weight and always end up forgetting it!

The actual diary worked really well, I used the planner as a wellbeing diary for my older cob. There is space to note her general condition and what we did each day. I loved the achievements section and goals for next week as a place to reflect on what went well this week and things I hope to achieve next week.

I found the quotes in the planner fun, and particularly enjoyed the riding tip ones!

Overall Feelings about it.

I would recommend this planner to anyone that wants an equestrian planner. The only thing for me that I would change is that I don’t need a shows section each week. I would prefer that each month but honestly apart from that I can’t really fault it. I think Georgia has done a fabulous job! It is a very handy planner for keeping a note of my horses well being. The planner is also awesome for keeping track of your horses appointments too.

To purchase one head to www.diaryofadun.co.uk for £15.99 in a choice of pink or blue.

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