For the last 4 weeks I have been taking part in a rider mindset group and I have loved it! In This blog I will tell you why and what I have learned from it.

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Why Did I Join a Mindset Group?

I have noticed since I have returned to riding after a long break that now riders are really focussing on their mindset and confidence. Not like back in the days when I was last a horse owner during the late 90’s/ early noughties when I was a teenager. Back then I was told to never to show my horse that I am scared or he will be naughty. These days we know that horses are sensitive and just react to our feelings and projections.

I wasn’t actually looking to join a mindset group, I just saw an opportunity and took it! I have recently bought a young 4 year old pretty much unbroken mare. Gracie is the first horse I’ve owned as an adult and I can tell you it’s very different to when you are a child! I really appreciate how lucky I was back then. No money worries, no confidence issues, no constant worrying if I am doing the right thing.

I realised very quickly that the rose tinted version of buying a horse was perhaps not the reality of it. Suddenly I realised I have a lot of responsibility, not much free time and a horse that needs A LOT of training.

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What’s it all about?

However, my weekly mindset meetings have helped me so much. I decided to take the mindset course that Daisy from the popular equestrian blog How Very Horsey was offering. It was a special 4 week course that was taking place during the second lockdown. I had ‘met’ Daisy when I had chatted to her for my podcast Equestrian Pulse. She seemed fun and knowledgable.

The course was focused on mindset and was broken down into 4 sections. Motivation, Language, goal setting and coping strategies and we meet each Thursday we and talk via Zoom.

The rider must learn to control himself before he can control his horse

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I Don’t Think I Need any Help With My Mindset Though..

I honestly thought this too. It wasn’t until I watched Tina Wallace’s vlog on when she had a mindset session and she said the same thing that I was inspired to work on my mindset too after seeing how much she gained from hers on her vlog.

I am not a particularly nervous rider. Other things stress me out like worrying about other people’s feelings too much, I worry about my own abilities to train Gracie, I worry that I have bitten off far too much than I can chew buying a young horse when I have no experience with young horses. The course has helped me with all of those things. By helping me realise I can control how I think about things. Perhaps it won’t all go terribly wrong. There is nothing that I ‘should’ be doing with Gracie. It honestly has helped me more than I hoped it would.

I realised that when I first got Gracie I got her feet trimmed, her saddle fitted, her teeth checked by the dentist all so she had the best start she could have with. Why isn’t it normal to put the same amount of effort into ourselves?

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How Do Find Out More About Daisy’s Courses?

I really like Daisy and throughly recommend her course! Actually all the other women in the group all had done Daisy’s confidence group before, which I thought was a good sign that they had all come back for more!

Daisy offers confidence courses, mindset groups and one to one coaching. Head to her website How Very Horsey or email her at [email protected] for more information.

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