Horses are expensive! I think it’s fair to say that everyone knows that. I have found since buying Gracie, who came with absolutely nothing that not only is horse stuff expensive. You need a lot of it!

Some things you have to buy new like riding helmets. But there are lots of stuff that you can buy second hand for much cheaper. I have acquired some really good bargains. Here are my tips!

Pictured: Me in my second hand but never used Champion body protector I bought on Vinted and Gracie wearing her Le Mieux Saddlepad that I bought second hand on Preloved.

Take the time and do your research.

Start searching different websites online for cheap bargains. I live in France and I use the ‘Craig’s List’ equivalent which is called Leboncoin or ‘Gum Tree’ in the U.K. I also use ‘Vinted’ which is world wide. Ebay was great in the UK but doesn’t seem to much of thing in France. ‘Preloved’ is amazing if you are U.K based too. I then set up searches for the items I am looking for and can be notified when new things are being sold on the websites.

I also keep an eye on Facebook selling groups. But just be careful with those as they aren’t as safe as the selling websites. I have been put off by stories of scammers on those groups.

Make sure you know the cost of the item you are looking for new. So you know when you find a bargain or not.

Do you really need that brand?

Yeah sometimes! Is often my answer but there are times often I think hmmm ok I really want this. Then I often find that there are way cheaper just as good alternatives. For example I bought Gracie a fleece cooler rug from Vinted. I had my eye on a cool patterned Weethabeeta, but they were expensive! I couldn’t find any for sale second hand and realised that Gracie will not use it very much. Likely only when we’ve been caught in the rain in the winter or when we travel. Which isn’t often at the moment.

I find if you can go for cheaper alternatives for things you need but won’t use very much. You can then save your money to buy the brand you want or something new that you will use regularly. If you are like me and like to have a spare rug. Perhaps buy one nice one if you want and then a much cheaper back up.

Don’t be afraid to make an offer

It wasn’t until I started selling a few things on Vinted that I realised that no one actually bought my stuff for the original price I posted it at. Every time I would receive an offer or a message asking for the price to be reduced slightly. So now when I buy from Vinted I always offer slightly lower than the asking price. Even on really cheap stuff and it works!

Find good affordable brands

You can find some real bargains online. I have found for example in France that Woof Wear sells for really cheap second hand. Probably because its not super expensive to start with. Or that it is a British brand so the French may not know it. I have bought a saddle cloth that has never been worn and some slightly used brushing boots on Leboncoin for half price. For me this is win win . As I have used this brand before with my horses in the UK so I know the product is good and I get it for really cheap!

Buy things that you know you can sell

So my plan tends to be like above . Stick to brands that I know are good like my Woof wear purchases and stick to things you know will be the right size etc. Or if you are taking a bit of a gamble with a new brand or something that is a bit more expensive then buy a brand that you know you can re-sell online. For example Le Mieux stuff is sooo popular, you would never have a problem selling anything by them.

Me wrapped in my fleece rug that I bought on Vinted!

Buy off season if possible

My last tip is try to buy off season if possible. I need a new waterproof coat and a waterproof sheet for Gracie. So I am holding off until the rain has finished in Spring to buy those things as people always clear out when the seasons change! Those items would be so popular in winter, you’ll find cheaper bargains in a season no one needs them in.

I hope these tips have helped. Maybe you don’t want to buy every item for your horse second hand and that’s ok. I don’t either! But it is so much more better for the planet and better for your wallet too! Gracie never seems to mind that her clothes aren’t new either.

Tell me do you buy second hand? Where do you shop?

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  1. I love shopping second hand for myself and my horse. One of my favorite websites is the tackhack. I also really like Tried Equestrian, Tack Tack Room, and We Heart Horses. The Rider’s Closet gives away items for free for those who can’t afford riding items. I talk about these different companies on my website if you want to learn more. The link is the part on discount items is lower on the page.

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