2020 Has Been Hard!

Equestrian social media can be a negative self deprecating place. 2020 hasn’t been the best year it’s far to say. I don’t know about you but the time I’ve spent on social media has increased a lot! Social media can be great. It’s not that I hate it. I just hate how it makes me feel sometimes. Here are my tips to stopping social media getting you down.

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Equestrian Social Media Can be Awesome But It Can Also Make You feel So Inferior

How often do you feel mediocre? Average? That you are just scraping by with just enough money, time and energy? I think it is easy to look at others on social media and think wow they have really got it together. They are so much better than me. It’s not the best feeling. Take a break from it if it getting you down or making you feel negative.

Everyone’s Journey is Individual

After having an amazing riding lesson the other day I felt so so happy. Firstly that my instructor had noticed an improvement in my riding, and secondly because I felt that I had ridden really well. Then when I went to post about it on my social media, I hesitated. I hesitated because I thought it wasn’t important enough to share. That it wasn’t interesting enough. Remember your story is worth telling too, not matter what it is!

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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

I was comparing myself to everyone I follow on social media who were all back out competing again after lockdown. This reminded me that here in France I couldn’t even see my horse let alone ride for 12 weeks earlier this year. So my goals will be different to others in the UK that could continue to ride. I also have a veteran cob that is a lovely happy hacker but that is about it. So it’s like comparing an orange and a lemon! Only because some else is successful doesn’t mean you cannot be too!

Only Because You Haven’t Posted About It Doesn’t Mean It Didn’t Happen!

This got me thinking… Only because I am not out competing at the moment. Doesn’t mean I couldn’t ever do that! I read an amazing post the other day by Caitlin Gooch @theblackcowgirl. She said that many equestrians have many years of experience, that hasn’t been documented on social media. But only because others haven’t seen it doesn’t mean that knowledge and experience isn’t there! This made me feel better as I remembered that I do have a lot of knowledge and experience, but people may just not know that.

Only Follow What Brings You Joy!

One of my pet peeves are unboxing videos! I am going to admit I hate it when people get sent loads of free expensive stuff and then show off about it on social media. So I consciously avoid things like that online that I don’t like. You wouldn’t watch a television programme you hate so make sure you do the same on social media!

Follow people that inspire you and spread good vibes! For some ideas head to my Equestrian Lives in Lockdown blog series that features awesome equestrians from all around the world.

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It’s Not All Bad. Equestrian Social Media Can Also Be a Great Place.

I have met some many great friends on social media because of this blog and horses. Social media isn’t all bad. I have met people on instagram that I call friends from all around the world, which is pretty incredible.

Just Proceed With Caution

I am not saying stop using social media. I won’t be anytime soon. But like in your real life just make sure you surround yourself with good people that are kind and supportive. Don’t get sucked into online arguments or get bogged down with bad news. As let’s face it the world is a pretty crazy place at the moment! Use it for what it is meant to be, for you to connect with like minded people and share your journey what ever that may be. If it’s making you a little sad. It’s ok to take a break and don’t be afraid to unfollow toxic people like you would in real life!

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