Ok I don’t have many things on my bucket list but galloping along a beach is one of them! So when I saw an advert for a stables offering beach rides on my holiday in France recently I just had to go.


I chose to go to Le Corral a stables that I had driven past on the way to the beach and man I am glad I did! It was FANTASTIC! When I arrived I was warmly welcomed and provided with a riding hat & hairnet (a French thing it seems) and some half chaps which was very handy as I did not take my riding gear on holiday with me, so I just wore my hiking gear.

I rode Jambo who did exactly what I wanted him to do for the entire ride. He was pretty forward going but stopped easily so he was perfect. We hacked for about 30 minutes through the forest to get to Saint Girons beach, so we didn’t need to go on any roads and arrived at the beach just as the sun was going down. It was beautiful! Handy tip – spray yourself with at least 1 gallon of anti mosquito spray as there were a lot of flies en route.

Our group consisted of 9 of us in total and all of us had ridden before. Although all abilities of riders are welcome. When we arrived at the beach it was completely empty apart from us. So we were able to gallop up and down the beach several times and we walked through the sea on the horses. It was AWESOME!

Our guide was called Bastion who spoke English, French and Spanish. He made sure everyone was having fun chatting to each person as we hacked to the beach and lead the way when we galloped. There were 2 other guides too, whose names I did not catch as they only spoke Spanish but they were also very friendly and made sure the horses kept a good pace and that the group stayed together.


We left the beach after about an hour just as the sun was setting. Everyone was happy and chatting after having such a good time on the beach. Bastion even sang to us on the way back. He was a real character he told me he had recently discovered Otis Redding and the English breakfast on his recent trip to the U.K.

I really appreciated how friendly the staff were as I went alone and was speaking French (which I am still learning.) The staff did a really good job of making sure everyone had a good time and could understand my French so bonus points for them! My husband and I even stayed for a glass of rosè with the staff after the ride as they were so nice and they made a fuss of my little dog too.


Le Corral is only open throughout July and August and 1km from Saint Girons plage, Landes, so if you are in the area I thoroughly recommend you go for a ride. There are 4 rides per day but I thoroughly recommend the sunset ride. It was €40 for a 2 hour ride.

Le Corral have a Facebook page- Le Corral promenade à cheval Vielle St Girons for more information. Their address is Route de la Plage, Vielle Saint Girons, Landes France 40560.

It is certainly something I can now tick off my bucket list!

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